Matières, mouvements, reliefs

  • Site-specific work
  • Video dance

In 2008, the company was approached by Danièle Thomas, teacher at Ménez school in Larmor-Plage, to take part in the creation of a show to be performed at Guidel’s L’Estran the same year.
The theme picked by the teacher dealt with the relation to identity. The company responded to the commission by proposing a reflection about the relationship of the children to their place of living: taking their everyday life background as the starting point of a research about movement. Their works were the subject of a video dance that was projected on a big screen during the show.

Choreography: Gaëlle Courtet
Video shooting: Frédéric Tréhin
Video direction: Gaëlle Courtet, Frédéric Tréhin

With the support of: Larmor-Plage municipality

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