Local dance company

« Local” means the company:

  • has a particular policy in which the link with an area and a population is primordial
  • also claims a long-term involvement.

Compagnie Quai des Valses was a pioneer in the Lorient area. From the start, it stood up as a partner of public action.
The project can take shape through the confident relations the choreographers have created with the local public by:

  • promoting a culture and the diversity of the choreographic field, the passion for dance and the stakes of creation
  • making things happen around contemporary dance creation through professionals and amateurs works
  • taking up the public space (site-specific works, street works, workshops in the estates)
  • setting up numerous partnerships with different institutions (primary and secondary schools, social centres, cultural institutions) and groups (cercle celtique)
  • collaborating with other local artists
  • organizing collective outings to choreographic performances in the whole region.

This approach illustrates the affirmation of a political and social awareness in culture: getting involved with the public and making this an integral part of the artistic project. Also giving the freedom of creation its legitimacy away from the obligation of audience figures and arousing a demand by sharing the creation processes.

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