Quai des Valses (Quay of Waltzes)

A quay is a place of influx where people and things depart and arrive.
The waltz is a revolving dance, present in the high society parties as well as in bals populaires (public dances). It is also a musical genre composed of three beats.
The name of the company tells all about its approach :

  • the exchange from a foothold
  • a move around three points
  • to give and to receive
  • reciprocal transformations
  • constantly renewed stimulation

And also :

  • to affirm that creation in contemporary dance is made for everyone, open to life
  • to place art as a need of everyday life
  • o take away the sacred aura from artistic creation and to give daily life a sacred aura.

Two choreographers

In 1995, Gaëlle Courtet and Eric Delpech met while creating “Twist poker”, a dance selected for the “Bal Moderne” -Modern Ball- (Théâtre de Chaillot, Paris, followed by a European tour from 1995 to 1997). Three years later, they decided to mingle their two worlds, contemporary dance and mime, to found Compagnie Quai des Valses. All the projects are the fruit of their collaboration, or carried by either one individually.

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