Artistic approach

The choreographers address the relationship between individuals and the community, as an enriching and socially cohesive element. Straightaway, by choosing to start from the local area as a source of inspiration, specificity is then enhanced. The background, the working partners as well, the different audiences become research laboratory.
To be receptive and open. To identify specific markers. To work out constraints which frame the research, direct the creative process. Going back and forth between one’s feeling, identification and respect of differences, self-assertion.
Movement is the material of dance. It is conditioned by the body that bears it, by imagination, by the lessons and experiences of life.
Movement is also related to a context : it comes up differently depending on the situations.
Dance, the way it is envisaged, written in space, time and in the relation to others, addresses belonging to a cultural identity, a community.
The genesis of the projects is directly related to an aesthetics choice : becoming fully aware of all the variable elements that surround movement, understanding what is meaningful and play with them. The starting point can be an artistic subject, or conversely directing can inspire the artistic subject.

The projects of Compagnie Quai des Valses have gradually freed themselves from constraints of virtuosity, from an academic vision of movement and of the bodies staged.
A free dance, ridden of complexes, as rich and varied as life can be.
A dance that follows the curves and shapes of a place, forming one body with it. Addressing the relation to matter, relief, testing movement on every support.
In the same way, the choreographers choose interpreters from different backgrounds as partners. The relevance of the collaborations stands on everyone subscribing to an approach, an artistic subject. It is the wish to share a time of creation with particular people which prevails, the soundness of their proposals, their commitment.
Taking dance as a means of transport, a journey to grab a better hold of the complexity of the world, of oneself and the others with eagerness and curiosity.

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