…et les autres

  • Creation 2009 – Time-length : 35 minutes
  • Street performance
  • All publics

The idea consists in staging collective alienation which makes of any of us a torturer and a victim, in showing how the fear of exclusion, rivalry between people, narcissistic and egocentric behaviours can destroy individuals.
No more perspective, no more distance: to come through, to be with it and after all blind to the others, withdrawn into oneself, onto one’s own social misery.
The group, in what looks like a collective trance, is going to experience the forms of this mental alienation in their bodies mechanically constrained until the final implosion and the tragic destruction of the beings.
The word “pathetic” may come up to the mind first. “Derisive” as well…for laughter may be part of the solution.

illustration ...et les autres

A short video of the performance

longer montage (7 minutes)

Choreography:: Gaëlle Courtet, Eric Delpech
Professionnal performers: : Eric DELPECH (dancer), Erwan BADIN (actor), Anne BERVAS (singer), Cécile THEIL (dancer), Jean-François MICHAUD (dancer).
Amateur performers: : Odile TREGOURES, Jacqueline LE NOUY, Delphine PRAT, Juliette  CHATELAIN, Marie COURTET, Marie HAGNERE, Jean-Paul DANGOIN.

Created in May 2009 during the Mai des Arts, Le Fourneau (National Center for Street Arts)

With the support of: Brittany Regional Council, Department of Morbihan Council, Lorient municipality.
Partner : A3 Production

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