• Creation 2008 – Time-length: 25 minutes
  • Contemporary dance
  • Very young public – From 2 years old

This show explores a fusional relationship in an unreal universe inspired from animist beliefs.
They could well be two nymphs-watchers, draped in a cocoon. When calm is there, on demand, transformation takes place. A time of genesis long and slow in which every step is important. Time of mutation when life and death go together and when they take different shapes, one after the other; monstrous, animal-like, sensual.
Women-snakes, they slide, ondulate, mutate.
At last rid of their envelopes, they perform a dance in which each move is printed on the other, the sister, the sister-soul, the other self.

illustration, spectacle sœurs

Choreography : Gaëlle Courtet, Eric Delpech
Performers : Gaëlle Courtet, Katell Hartereau

With the support of: Brittany Regional Council, Department of Morbihan Council, Lorient municipality, Larmor-Plage municipality, Le Trio – Inzinzac-Lochrist municipality

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