Matières II

  • Site-specific work − 2003
  • Contemporary dance
  • Project for 4 performers : 2 dancers and 2 musicians
  • Place : Océanis theatre, Ploemeur

« This project proved difficult. Indeed, Océanis as a theatre, a place of constant coming and going, doesn’t have the rough edges and specificity of a historical place. At first, I wished to start a research from the light : how to divide the place, the material of the light source itself (crude light, diffused…). Unfortunately, the conditions didn’t allow such a study.
I redirected my project by working with two musicians. I wanted them to be on equal footing as the dancers. I tried to make clear what relations they could have while bearing in mind to show them as individuals and also to make them permeable to interrelation. I went on with my study on the complementarity of bodies. Virtuoso or not, the highlighting of their possible complicities gives a view of human relations I like to show.

Far from keeping them apart, their differences make their relations interesting, disrupting their habits, their ways of moving but without them losing themselves. Starting from the theatre itself, I tried to take advantage of the place, its colour and other little specificities. Oceanis is a very big space sixteen meters wide and twelve deep.
I made it “bigger” by having a few stage-outs as if the space was still too little. I worked from props laid at the back of the stage by creating a kind of a ramp evoking an urban setting, metal grey and suggesting a vanishing line.
I used the hooks at the back of the stage to write a “hanging” dance and a curtain which turned into an accessory. Most of the show was based on the relation between these four men, on the study of a male world.”


Choreography : Gaëlle Courtet, Eric Delpech
Performers : Eric Delpech, Grégory Espitalier, François Jouannic, Gurvan Le Navien

Co-produced by : Océanis Theater – Ploemeur municipality.
With the support of : Brittany Regional Council, Department of Morbihan Council, Lorient municipality.

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