Dance in public spaces – Lanester

This project was born after a performance of “…et les autres” (dance for public spaces) in Kesler neighbourhood (Lanester) in May 2009, organized by l’Art s’Emporte. There was, associated with the performance, a practise workshop for amateurs (a group of Kesler children).
The project was to develop in this neighbourhood, but because of a project of town renovation and on the municipality’s request, the company was asked to take action in Kerfréhour neighbourhood (popular neighbourhood with the specificity of reassembling urgency flats).

The Project’s Main Lines

  • sharing the creation process in the field of contemporary dance: introducing the company’s works, starting workshops open to everyone, producing spectacles with the inhabitants, lecturing.
  • Initiating in the neighbourhood a new interest in favour of choreographic research.
  • placing creation in everyday life: local community policy
  • appropriating public spaces: street and site-specific dances
  • federating the population around a collective project
  • generating collective dynamics: by setting up operational partnerships in the neighbourhood and by taking part in local events (carnival, neighbourhood fete, schools fete…).

Financial Partners

  • Lanester Municipality
  • CUCS (Urban Contract for Social Cohesion)

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